“I believe in words that I say and know that everything is just wonderful in
our life!” These words sounded from one of our brides.
Wedding is preparation and one of the most important and exciting moments. And we are pleased that this time is the most amazing and great.

The creation of our wedding agency first of all gives us the desire to show you that preparation for the wedding as well as the wedding day was filled with your hearts, your emotions, your joint stories. And therefore we call “Just You and Me”

Every time at the first meeting, we find an individual approach, try to understand you what is wondering what can surprise, to delight.
So we find both the overall services that leave you satisfied.
We show what a wedding can be and prepared for it.

We offer and present the services that you may have not yet heard, but we will enjoy useful.
It is just such a motto of our agency and the approach allowed us to bring weddings to a high level,
and you get in our face a helpfulness of your holy desires better than others.

Responsible For The Projects