We are engaged in the organization of weddings, we conduct private events around the world.

Our team has a huge international experience and unites the best specialists of the wedding sphere, it allows you to create unique weddings with a unique atmosphere, thought out to the smallest details
of personal stylistics, elegant and luxurious. Weddings of this level cannot be simple from an organizational point of view.

The scale of the event, the demanding of the client, the number of
participants involved, the level of attention to guests – all this requires a clear organization and certain
resources, we understand this and build work properly.


The process of preparing for the wedding can last from one month to a year and throughout the time you will have a personal organizer, which is the responsibility of which the solution of all the preparation issues.

We give you a plan for organizational events and meetings in advance, we inform you in a convenient mode and are constantly with you in touch. So you are always sure that the wedding will pass flawlessly.

It is important for us that the entire preparation process for you is part of the holiday, and not a routine, so we focus your attention at pleasant pre-wedding moments and do not spend your time for questions, which we can decide, thanks to our experience and high level of responsibility.



  • Selection of the wedding venue or installation of the site “from scratch”
  • Selection of technical equipment, 3D space modeling
  • Area zoning (optimal location of Lounge zones, banquet tables, scenes, Welcome zones, ceremony, activity, technical zones)
  • Selection of the best wedding services and performers
  • Order of artists and the organization of the execution of technical and domestic ride
  • Development of technical tasks for all partners, artists and restaurants
  • Organization of the exit ceremony, personal speech training
  • Writing script for star leading
  • Development of a scenario event plan
  • Requesting guests, transfer organization
  • Writing a timing of a wedding day
  • Order of artists and the organization of the execution of technical and domestic ride
  • Drawing and discussion of the menuĀ 
  • Organization


We love beauty and know how to create it. Thinking on the visual component of the wedding, we try
to highlight the features of the couple, their history, come up with a creative solution and at the same
time leave the wedding elegant and refined. So the unique style of your event is born, your wedding
acquires a single unique image when the place of the wedding, scenery, the image of the pair and
the entertainment program are perfectly combined with each other in one thoughtful concept.

Due to the fact that all the design, images and stylistics are being developed in our studio, we fully
control the sustainment of a single concept and our weddings are obtained by such ideal, they
cannot be extra or unsuitable.



  • Development of the Wedding Concept and Stylistics
  • Drawing up the image of newlyweds in line with the style of the wedding
  • Development of a guide on style for guests
  • Work with the best Moscow and world decorators and florists
  • Decoration sketches
  • Search and selection of furniture for banquet and lounge zone
  • Creating individual invitations and wedding site
  • Preparation Lyrics for invitations and texts for all printed materials
  • Select, purchase and manufacture of accessories and details for the wedding
  • Development of graphic design of wedding printing
  • Development of design of cakes and desserts for the wedding
  • Drafting the dress code of personnel and artists


Carefully working out the script plan and the program of the wedding day, we strive to create the right
atmosphere throughout the holiday, this is emotional direction, when the wedding does not turn into a
concert and a series of toasts, but becomes the most memorable event in life, filled with your story,
when every guest understands what exactly is on your holiday.


  • the elaboration of scenario ideas including writing the scenario
    with all the necessary lead-ins and emphasis
  • the production and performance of exclusive show turns
  • the engagement of international performing artists
  • the setting up of the lighting and special effects
  • the arrangement of the show turns with guests under the
    guidance of a director and a choreographer
  • the creation of video content for the wedding program,
  • the creation of active zones and attention zones.


On the wedding eve we are the first to arrive at the wedding venue. We control the work and technical timing. Several dozens of suppliers and workers can be engaged in wedding organizing.

On the wedding day all responsibility zones are divided between the organizers. It allows us to
coordinate every part of the wedding program and achieve great results.


We are equally passionate about each of our pair. To provide you with maximum attention, we deliberately limit the number of weddings and do not take orders for the same or close dates. We specialize in high-level events and know how to work with the tasks of any complexity. The level of our weddings implies tremendous work and responsibility, so our remuneration is directly related to the volume of controlled services.

  • The fee of the studio for organizing a wedding is 10% of the budget of the event
  • The conditions of the organization of large-scale celebrations are negotiated individually


Wedding is only the beginning of our relationship. By deserving your trust once, we will continue to
give you incredible emotions, creating mental holidays for your family and loved ones. Birthdays, anniversary, children’s holidays, parties and client events – we can create absolutely different, but
equally unforgettable stories.